• French 19th Century Face Screens

      This rare pair dates to Louis Phillipe times. Charming country scene with turned wood handle. Originally the lady of the house and any women guests would use these screens to protect their complexion from the blush of the fire. They're fantastic objects to frame. Try flanking a fireplace with the framed pair or use in a powder room or bedroom.


    • French Poet Alphonse de LaMartine

      A miniature trio of poetic works in soft yellow paper jackets with the crinkly pages we love. Dated 1840. 5.5" x 3.5"


    • French Scenery

      A vintage oil painting on board. Awash with color. A view of a French village in your very own home. 10.75" x 15"


    • How To Fill A Corner

      A corner fragment of an 18th century column. Acanthus leaf carving sporting bits of original paint and gilding. I had my French ebeniste add a solid top so this stunning piece could be mounted in a corner and used to display the treasure of your choice. When hung in a corner it projects 13" to the left, 14.5" to the right and is 15.5" in height. Additional shipping will apply depending on your address - email for a quote.


    • Sterling Silver Filigree Case

      Can you imagine the workmanship involved? I bought this from a dealer friend (Bernard) who has had it in his personal collection for 25 years. It's enchanting to hold. There is a hallmark but I haven't been able to identify it. Heavy in the hand. About 3.25" x 2.25". The inside was originally vermeil and bit's remain. What will you put inside? I envision love notes, a bird feather, a single perfect stone, a sprig of lavender......